Saturday, 28 May 2011

Help us to help them...

For us to Find,Rescue,Treat,Feed,Transport and care for a dog until it is adopted is no easy task. It takes time,dedication, a wondeful network of carers to look after the dogs until they are legally able to leave Romania, everything from the animals medical needs, food,vaccines,passports etc is needed to be taken care of.

We dedicate our time,resources,sweat and many tears to rescuing these animals, some litterally have been found so badly beaten and tortured that they can hardly move, others through sheer starvation have been found by us dragging themselves along the floor, desperately searching for scraps of food they can find under cars. Our job is not an wasy one, and we know you would not want us to walk away when these dogs in such horrific conditions are found, nor would we do such a thing!

But...we need your help to allow us to pay for the rescources and medical care that each one of these poor souls need. Any size donation will help so very much, all monies raised will go towards the medical bills,food,vaccines and transport so that each and every soul we rescue is given the best chance possible, and will know only care,attention and love for the rest of his/her life outside of Romania.

Will you help us? Any amount is appreciated, we know how tough times are on everyone,but anything you could spare would mean so very much to so many.
If you can help, please click here

We believe very much that if you donate to a cause then you should be able to see what your kindly donated money is being spent on. Over the next couple of weeks we are collateing logs and photos of all the dogs in Romania we and our network of carers over there are helping. We will be adding this to our website for you to access. Be warned though these dogs have been rescued,you have to appreciate that you will be seeing dogs that through no fault of their own,will be displaying the most horrific wounds,conditions and so on, but you will also be able to see week on week how they are recovering and getting on.

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