Friday, 27 May 2011


We have regular transport from/to Romania that can deliver any donated supplies.  Drop-off points in the UK are in Cambs, Herts and Kent.   If you think you can help, please do contact us

DOG FOOD - Some vets will donate sample packs of food or food close to it's sell by date.  Some Sainsbury's stores will allow a 'pet food bin' to be set up outside where generous shoppers can donate food.  Generally this is down to the discretion of the store manager.  If you think your local store may be willing to help, please let us know and we will arrange for the bin to be delivered.  

DOG JACKETS - We are also desperate for volunteer help to make dog jackets to keep the shorter haired dogs and puppies warm during the sometimes harsh Romanian Winters.  We can supply the pattern and all you need is a sewing machine and donated or cheap fabric (usually available in your local charity shop)

BLANKETS -We are in desperate need of these,they serve two purposes, laid on the floor it creates a barrier between the cold ground and the dog,wrapped around the dog will help him/her battle the vicious elements

DOG TOYS - All dogs need to play,especially those who have no joy in their little lives on the streets and in the shelters of Romania. By donating toys this will help keep the odgs busy and hopefuly out of trouble with other dogs.

LEADS & COLLARS - These will be used during rescuing and also transportation, they also mean the dogs look less like a stray and (though doubtful) may deter a Dog catcher from brutally catching the dog,in some instances using such force and brutality that the dogs die of internal and external injuries before reaching the city shelter!

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