Sunday, 3 July 2011

Thank you for your donations so far. Fill-a-Box-Appeal


A Big thank you to all those who have dug deep and donated what you could to our Fill-a-Box appeal.
Donations still needed, remember guys you have until the 6th to get your donations to us. To those who have already donated ( See names below) our sincerest thank you.

Worldwide Vetentinary Services
Pets at Home
Shirley Mcburney
Christine Rose
Katy Orton
Rebekah long
Sorina Blinkhorne
Anne McCallion
Kendra Pinder
Josephine Whitty
Ann Murphy

Fill A Box Appeal - Deadline 6th July 2011

As many of you will know, on the 8th July 2011, just in two weeks time, representatives from Romania Animal Aid will flying out to Romania to meet with Mayors,Councillors,Animal Welfare Organisations,Shelters and of course searching for Little Grey. 

On route we will be distributing and using the treatments and donated items on the strays and shelter dogs we come across, so please...Help us to help them.

Items urgently needed or donations to buy these items: We have used this as an example only, anything else you can think of that is relevant please do post to us.
Drontal Worming Tablets
Frontline Flea and Tick/Flea Treatment
Dog bandages
Canine Disinfectant wipes
Ear Drops
Medical Skin creams for various skin conditions

Keep Updated
This page will be used to keep you updated on how the appeal is going, and so you can see for yourself how your donation is added to the boxes. There are 3x to fill. Each time a 4kg section is filled, we will colour it in and add the new pic to this page. Whether you donate by posting us your items directly to us (Please email us for address) or donate money via our Just Giving Page for us to buy the items with..Your name and donation will be added to our star board that will be shown below.

See how your donation is used
We will be photographing and documenting our journey to Romania and the film will uploaded to Facebook and across the web as soon as we return. This film will not only highlight the plight of animals in Romania from a westerners view point, but will show you exactly where every penny of your donations have been spent.

" I would love to help those dogs" ...Well now you can
Please do what you can, help us to make a difference, even if it giving a stray dog infested with fleas and ticks a months relief from the pain, or treating and bandaging a wound...Anything you can spare will help so very much.

To allow us enough to go out and buy and pack the items bought and items posted to us, please ensure you donate via the justgiving page or that we recieve your donated items by post no later than the 6th of July 2011.

7th we will buy and pack the items, 8th we fly out with them.

So please dig deep and donate now or as soon as possible.

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    Contacted the Worldwide veterinary service and they were very cool. They have donated:

    Anti-Parasite Treatments
    2 x Aludex Mange Mite Wash 50ml
    3 x Advantage 250 for dogs
    8 x Effipro for dogs 40kg – 60kg
    1 x Frontline for medium dogs
    8 x Frontline Combo for dogs over 40kg
    3 x Stronghold 30mg pipettes
    3 x Stronghold 60mg pipettes
    1 x Stronghold 240mg pipette
    6 x Prac-tic for small dogs
    6 x Prac-tic for medium dogs
    3 x Granofen wormer 2g sachets
    1 x Panacur oral 100ml
    Skin treatments
    3 x Vetalintex 15g tubes
    3 x Seleen Shampoo 150ml
    100 x Clinell Large Disposable Disinfectant Wipes
    106 x Braun Alcohol Pad Cleansing Wipe
    1 x Paxcutol Shampoo 200ml
    1 x Fuciderm Gel 30g tube
    Bandages / Wound Dressings
    10 x Blue Cohesive Bandage (4cm x 1m)
    2 x Co-Form Bandage (10cm x 4m)
    2 x Knit Fix Bandage (10cm x 4m)
    2 x ProFore Bandage padding
    4 x ProFore Bandages
    1 x VetRap 2” Bandage
    1 x VetRap 3” Bandage
    43 x Opsite sterile dressing (6cm x 7cm)
    4 x Vernaid Sterile Dressing Pack
    10 x Sterile first aid dressings (various sizes)
    9 x Melolin sterile dressing (10cm x 10cm)
    14 x Mepore sterile dressing (9cm x 25cm)
    20 x Mepore sterile dressing (9cm x 15cm)
    20 x Mepore sterile dressing (9cm x 20cm)
    20 x Leukomed sterile dressing
    10 x Micropore surgical tape
    General Supplies
    2 x Digital Thermometer
    1 x Brush
    25 x 10ml syringe
    30 x Packs of sterile gauze
    General Treatments Medication
    1 x CleanOcular 100ml
    1 x Hexarinse 237ml
    1 x Sachet of Rehydration Support powder
    1 x 185g can of Liquivite
    For the puppy with the eye problem we have included:
    1 x 32ml bottle of Metacam oral suspension (1.5mg/ml)
    1 x bottle of Ceporex vet oral antibiotic drops
    1 x bottle of Tiacil eye drops

    MY DONATION+ £25 voucher from Pets at home

    32 x large dog pippets flea and tick treatments
    2x 500grm Puppy Lactol powerd milk
    2x Lactol feeding sets
    1x Jumbo tub of 80 eye cleanser wipes
    2x Packs of antibacterial wipes
    2x250ml Exmarid
    2x45ml kitten and puppy worming syrup
    1xtub 30 tablets Megavits for kittens and puppies
    1x100g Exmarid ointment
    2x120g Nouris um for dogs
    2x40g Antibacterial powder for dogs and cats
    2xpacks of 4 tablets 1 dose easy wormer for dogs
    2x125ml anti bacterial dog spray
    1x 70g Nurish Um for cats
    2xpacks of 12 tablets for Diarrhoea for cats and dogs
    2x15ml ear drop solution for cats and dogs


    From appeal started, we have collected £125.00, I am going out tomorrow morning to buy £125 worth of stuff...Duplicate of above.


    Also have a few packs of Cat and Kitten wormer’s to pick up from a vet I contacted, will be bugging others later today for their donations..